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In Nat Carver’s opinion, the strange animal being paraded before him looked as though it owed its origins more to Dr Frankenstein than Mr Darwin. For once he felt lost for words, although he could think of a few he might have said if his mum hadn’t been there. Surely, he thought, this has got to be someone’s idea of a joke? But when the silence became prolonged and uncomfortable, the sort where no one really knows what to say for the best, Nat knew it was no joke. Behind him, his granddad, Mick, forced air through his false teeth, making a humming noise like a kazoo, a clear sign that he didn’t know what to say either.

About the book

Nat longs for a dog – but the dirty, ungainly farm creature finally found by his grandfather hardly fits his image of the perfect pet.

But it’s only when his dog starts to grow human ears that he realises something is seriously wrong.

The truth is stranger than his wildest dreams – the boy who appears is a shape-shifting werewolf in reverse.Woody is one of a noble breed of 'Wolven' driven into hiding centuries before only to be rediscovered by evil government scientists who intend to breed werewolves as weapons.

Can Nat and Woody save the day?

Fast, funny and accessible, this is the first of a brilliant and hugely commercial series from debut author Di Toft.

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Press reviews

“... an arrestingly packaged, amusing and scary tale ... engaging and readable ...”


“Wolven is a gripping adventure. Warmly recommended.”


“Werewolves, ancient legend and mad scientists ... everything I'd have loved when I was a 10-year-old boy!”


Author notes

'The idea from Wolven grew from my fascination of shape-shifting beings and, bizarrely, my dog, Dave. I wanted to write something that scared me and made me laugh – rather like the books I enjoyed as I grew up. The idea to create a legendary creature that was born and not "made" – quite different from werewolves or vampires – came mainly from my dog. Dave was the perfect model for how I imagined Woody to look – enormous, gangly, but sometimes, with that certain look in his eye, strangely human! I had a fantastic time writing Wolven, I loved the way Nat and Woody's friendship blossomed (after a very hairy start) and had a blast dreaming up all their adventures, especially the ones when they were up against the evil (and smelly) Lucas Scale.'

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